Guinness OGB


Organic Social


Jack Morton

Project Role


Creative Team:
Allison Beck, Creative Director
Cristian Martinez Gomez, Designer
Radel Huley, Copywriter
Trevor Dunne, Designer

OGB Organic Social

Guinness announced the opening of its second Open Gate Brewery outside of Ireland in 2021 with the promise of a new brewery, taproom, bakery, restaurant, café space for Chicago’s West Loop, and sister to the exisiting brewery in Baltimore. Despite various delays, the Guinness Open Gate Brewery (OGB) in Chicago opened in September 2023 to much fanfare and excitement from the people of Chicago and beyond.

Pre-opening socials were handled by a sister agency, focusing on communicating updates on OGB’s state of construction and opening updated. Following the opening of OGB, all organic socials were handed off to us and we switched from opening promotion to ongoing organic social content, spreading awareness of OGB’s offerings far and wide. I became the primary designer and, working with a tightly-knit social team, brought content to life.

Following the three established content pillars of Hub, Innovation, and Craft, and within the OGB brand guidelines, I develop static feed posts, carousels, stories, highlights, and reels. I develop mini brand identities for various events, initiatives and content series to visually distinguish between them all. As part of our content development process, I help develop moodboards, storyboards, and shotlists for our freelance photographers, and most recently brought in my own photography hobby to capture content for use in socials.

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